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Probably each of us has heard about the healing miracles of chaga. Chaga is an outgrowth on the birch. But we must not confuse it with tinder fungus, which also grows on birch trees, but the latter have no therapeutic action. It is not so simple to find chaga. It is necessary to gather it when it is black and covered with cracks.Its favorite places on the tree are knots, broken branches and areas with damaged bark. Most often it grows on quite old trees. Black chaga itself consists of three layers: the top layer is dark, rough and cracked. The next layer is dark-brown, it is quite dark. And the bottom layer has brown-reddish color. On the soles of chaga that is in contact with the birch, there is no spongy layer, which is typical for tinder fungus.

Chaga does not have any active pharmacological substances, so it is great for using by absolutely healthy man, especially by older people in order to activate the metabolism. It gives a burst of energy and improvement of health. Man gets lightness.Also, birch fungus is widely used for the treatment of such diseases for a very long time.Sometimes it can even be used as an independent means; but also as an auxiliary method of treatment Chaga gives fairly stable effect - not without reason lately the birch fungus became officially recognized More


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