Superfood Smoothie with Chaga Extract Powder:

Superfood Smoothie with Chaga Extract Powder:

The following recipe is not only delicious, but nutritious as well. It will be perfect for athletes and those who are on a diet.

Superfood smoothie recipe:
•    100ml. of nut milk or almond milk;
•    ½ cup of cherries;
•    ½ cup of blueberries;
•    2oz (56g) of organic baby kale (if you can’t find it, romaine or spinach will also do the trick);
•    One teaspoon of chaga extract powder;
•    One teaspoon of raw cacao powder;
•    A pinch of vanilla extract;
•    A bit of cinnamon.

Drinking such a smoothie in the morning will give you a great boost of energy, allowing you to start your day with a light heart and happy smile on your face.


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