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Lewis Moore 03-28-2016

Finally I’ve found a place that has chaga tea that is sold in chunks.  Not to mention that the delivery is absolutely FREE! Unbelievable!

Sophia 01-18-2016

Just wanted to say that I love the excellent selection of chaga that this website offers. Now I want to try each kind to see what I like the best. So far my favorites are chaga tea with chamomile and of course the classic chaga chunks.

Olivia 11-24-2015

Few websites can boast of having an excellent customer service and delivery. This website has no need to boast about it, it simply delivers your packages quickly and absolutely free. And if you encounter any troubles along the way, you can know for sure that customer service will always be there to help you out.

Ethan 08-09-2015

Thanks guys! I just received my chaga tea extract, much sooner than I expected. I loved it. Will definitely become a regular customer.

Mary Wamsley 08-03-2015

I loved the customer service that was provided to me. All the questions that I’ve had were quickly answered and on the 3rd day I received my order. The package was neat and everything was in order. Definitely great place to shop and delivery is  free. 

Eugene 06-28-2015

I’ve been drinking chaga tea for more than three years now, and thankfully I’ve stumbled upon this website a few months back. No other place has such a nice customer support service. To top it all off, this website offers Free delivery!

Frank 06-05-2015

Healthy Stuff

Olga 06-03-2015

Not only do these guys sell excellent chaga mushrooms they also have a wide array of beneficial information about it. Their article on how to brew the chaga tea has really cleared up a lot of things for me, and now I know to make the perfect chaga tea for me.

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