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Lee Hun 05-16-2015

Great selection of chaga products to choose from and fast delivery. Definitely recommend this shop. 

Alex 05-11-2015

I love both mushrooms and herbal teas, but before I’ve been introduced to chaga tea, I never thought that it was possible to make tea out of mushrooms. Though I’m quite picky when it comes to different tastes, I’ve found chaga tea to be surprisingly pleasant. I usually add a spoonful or two of honey to make it sweeter.

James E. 03-15-2015

If you found this website and reading this review, consider yourself lucky. I’ve wasted my time on many websites that would promise a lot but deliver very little. Several times my orders were lost, and I’ve had very little luck contacting the customer service to get my money back. This website, on the other hand, is excellent in this respect! It offers outstanding customer service, full support, and even free delivery.

Adam 02-23-2015

For a few months now I’ve been taking chaga extract that I’ve bought in a local herbal pharmacy. It felt great and I wanted to actually make chaga tea instead of using processed chaga. Fortunately, I’ve found this website. These guys offer a great selection of all forms of chaga. I especially prefer the one sold in chunks.

Ingrid 01-18-2015

I knew that there was chaga tea, but I didn’t realize that there were so many kinds of it. My favorite is Chaga Mushroom with Ginseng. Nothing better to start your day with!

Steven P. 01-08-2015

I love chaga tea and I’ve been ordering their products from different web places for a long time. They finally got their own website! Not only are the prices quite affordable, they also send it to you for free! Also, my order is always very neatly packaged, unlike in other shops that I’ve ordered.

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